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How to Backup SQL Server Backups to Amazon S3 Storage

It’s been a long time since i posted in my blog. One of the common request i have been asked by my colleagues, friends about “Is there a way to automate backups that are taken on the SQL Server database … Continue reading

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How to Migrate SQL Server Database running on EC2 instance to Amazon RDS Instance

Recently i worked on migrating sql server databases running on amazon EC2 instances to Amazon RDS instances. Starting from 27th Jul 2016 Amazon announced you can ship your databases from ec2 to rds using native backup and restore method. Let’s see … Continue reading

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Script to get SQL Server Error logs via Email

This is one of the handy script to get sql server error logs via email. Cheers Ramasankar Molleti MSDN:LinkedIn:Twitter

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The SQL Server Basic Installer: Just Install it in three clicks

Microsoft introduced the new Basic Installer experience for SQL Server 2016 Express, SQL Server 2016 Developer, and SQL Server 2016 Evaluation Editions. Just three clicks you can get a default installation of these editions. You may check full details here Cheers … Continue reading

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Different ways to Monitor Deadlocks

Every database environment, deadlocks are common problems and it is important for DBA’s to monitor deadlocks and make sure to prevent them from reoccurring. There are multiple ways to monitor deadlocks Using Trace Flags  We can enable two trace flags 1204 … Continue reading

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Find Missing Backups and send email notification

This is another useful script to find missing backups and send email notifications to DBA Cheers Hope you like the post! Ramasankar Molleti LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile Twitter: Twitter

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Free SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the general availability of SQL Server 2016 for Windows and Windows Server.  You can get started today with SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition, which is free and has all the features and capabilities of Enterprise Edition … Continue reading

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